Philippine Airlines W13 North America Service Changes as of 14OCT13

Philippine Airlines has further revised planned Manila – Vancouver operation in Winter 2013/14 season. Based on latest plan as of 14OCT13, the airline operates 7 weekly Boeing 777-300ER service from 23NOV13 to 31JAN14. Planned 4 of 7 weekly service operated by Airbus A340-300 aircraft is now scheduled to begin from 01FEB14.

PR118 MNL1510 – 1105YVR 77W 357
PR116 MNL2000 – 1600YVR 77W x357

PR119 YVR0030 – 0645+1MNL 77W 146
PR117 YVR2255 – 0510+2MNL 77W x357

PR116/117 operates with A340-300 from 01FEB14 (MNL departure).

For US West Coast operation in Winter 2013/14 season, the airline continues to operate nonstop service in both direction, except Los Angeles during certain periods.

Manila – Los Angeles
PR112 MNL1145 – 0845LAX 343 x246
PR102 MNL2200 – 1840LAX 744 x7
PR102 MNL2200 – 1840LAX 343 7

PR113 LAX1300 – 2010+1MNL 343 x246
PR103 LAX2110 – 0400+2MNL 744 x7
PR103 LAX2110 – 0400+2MNL 343 7

PR112/113 service cancelled from 27OCT13 to 23NOV13
PR102/103 operates with 747-400 on daily basis from 27OCT13 to 23NOV13 and from 15DEC13 to 12JAN14

From 01DEC13 to 31JAN14, LAX departure operates with technical stop in Guam:
PR113 LAX1415 – 2055+1GUM2145+1 – 2315+1MNL 343 x246
PR103 LAX2110 – 0325+2GUM0415+2 – 0545+2MNL 744 D

Manila – San Francisco
PR104 MNL2230 – 1830SFO 744 D
PR105 SFO2120 – 0340+2MNL 744 D

From 27OCT13 to 21NOV13, Day 24 operates with A340-300