MIAT Mongolian Airlines Launches North Korea Service in October 2013

MIAT Mongolian Airlines has launched first ever nonstop service between Mongolia and North Korea as charter flights, operating Ulan Batar – Pyongyang route on board Boeing 737-800. Operational schedule filed by the airline in Amadeus timetable display, as well as OAG Schedules Analyser, as follow.

OM7321 ULN0700 – 1055FNJ 738 15OCT13
OM7321 ULN1205 – 1600FNJ 738 18OCT13
OM901 ULN0800 – 1155FNJ 738 28OCT13

OM7322 FNJ1255 – 1525ULN 738 15OCT13
OM7322 FNJ1800 – 2030ULN 738 18OCT13
OM902 FNJ1500 – 1730ULN 738 31OCT13

Note that actual operational schedule may be differ than planned schedule listed above.

Flying time from Ulan Bataar is 2hrs 55 mins, and from Pyongyang is 3hrs 30mins.