DELTA Expands Los Angeles Service in Spring 2014

DELTA in Spring 2014 is expanding service in Los Angeles, with additional daily service added to following destinations.

eff 01APR14 Los Angeles – Honolulu Increase from 3 to 4 daily
DL2365 LAX0840 – 1135HNL 76W D
DL2578 LAX1100 – 1335HNL 757 D
DL1559 LAX1455 – 1737HNL 753 D
DL1149 LAX1750 – 2032HNL 753 D

DL1150 HNL0800 – 1632LAX 753 D
DL2364 HNL1130 – 2005LAX 76W D
DL2579 HNL1500 – 2350LAX 757 D
DL1212 HNL2150 – 0615+1LAX 753 D

eff 01MAY14 Los Angeles – Oakland Increase from 7 to 8 daily
DL4833 LAX0730 – 0853OAK CR7 D
DL4451 LAX0900 – 1029OAK CR7 D
DL4452 LAX1130 – 1255OAK CR7 D
DL4767 LAX1315 – 1441OAK CR7 D
DL4453 LAX1530 – 1654OAK CR7 D
DL4806 LAX1700 – 1822OAK CR7 D
DL4858 LAX1815 – 1940OAK CR7 D
DL4454 LAX1955 – 2120OAK CR7 D

DL4450 OAK0700 – 0832LAX CR7 D
DL4857 OAK0815 – 0940LAX CR7 D
DL4833 OAK0930 – 1055LAX CR7 D
DL4461 OAK1105 – 1233LAX CR7 D
DL4452 OAK1330 – 1452LAX CR7 D
DL4767 OAK1515 – 1642LAX CR7 D
DL4453 OAK1730 – 1855LAX CR7 D
DL4806 OAK1930 – 2055LAX CR7 D

eff 01MAY14 Los Angeles – Portland Increase from 4 to 5 daily
DL4501 LAX0830 – 1050PDX CR9 D
DL4472 LAX1030 – 1250PDX CR9 D
DL4792 LAX1330 – 1550PDX CR9 D
DL4855 LAX1530 – 1750PDX CR9 D
DL4790 LAX1950 – 2210PDX CR9 D

DL4813 PDX0700 – 0920LAX CR9 D
DL4501 PDX1130 – 1350LAX CR9 D
DL4472 PDX1330 – 1550LAX CR9 D
DL4792 PDX1630 – 1850LAX CR9 D
DL4855 PDX1830 – 2050LAX CR9 D

eff 01MAY14 Los Angeles – San Jose CA Increase from 5 to 6 daily
DL4832 LAX0700 – 0821SJC CR7 D
DL4856 LAX0900 – 1020SJC CR7 D
DL4516 LAX1100 – 1220SJC CR7 D
DL4607 LAX1300 – 1423SJC CR7 D
DL4698 LAX1600 – 1719SJC CR7 D
DL4708 LAX1950 – 2105SJC CR7 D

DL4739 SJC0620 – 0739LAX CR7 D
DL4832 SJC0855 – 1012LAX CR7 D
DL4856 SJC1100 – 1215LAX CR7 D
DL4516 SJC1300 – 1415LAX CR7 D
DL4607 SJC1500 – 1616LAX CR7 D
DL4698 SJC1755 – 1912LAX CR7 D