Liverpool Airport Welcomes Adhoc Charters to Kristiansund / Antwerp in W13

Liverpool Airport in December 2013 and January 2014 welcomes 2 new adhoc charter service from Transavia and VLM, with one-time service to/from Kristiansund and Antwerp.

Kristiansund – Liverpool Operated by Transavia
HV7471 KSU1000 – 1220LPL 737 06DEC13
HV7472 LPL1000 – 1220KSU 737 09DEC13

Antwerp – Liverpool Operated by Cityjet/VLM
VG997 ANR0900 – 1020LPL F50 25JAN14
VG998 LPL1200 – 1340ANR F50 26JAN14