Our Airline Launches New Schedule / Marshall Islands Service Changes from late-June 2014

Nauru’s Our Airline from 29JUN14 is launching new operational schedules, as it streamlines its Pacific network. This includes new nonstop link between Nauru and Fiji, which will replace the only nonstop operation between Marshall Islands and Fiji.

In addition, the airline is consolidating its Marshall Islands operation to Sundays and Mondays only, instead of Mondays and Wednesdays. With this network adjustment, Marshall Islands will receive International scheduled passenger operations on daily basis, where Majuro currently does not have scheduled International operation on Sundays.

NEW/Cancelled Routes:
Majuro – Nadi Bi-weekly service cancelled

(Schedule until 28JUN14)
ON015 MAJ0905 – 1355NAN 733 1
ON016 NAN0900 – 1150MAJ 733 3

Nauru – Nadi NEW 1 weekly nonstop service
ON017 INU1530 – 1830NAN 733 7
ON018 NAN0800 – 1100INU 733 1

Operational Changes:
Majuro – Tarawa Service increase from Bi-weekly to 1 weekly. Majuro departure moves from Wednesdays to Sundays, Tarawa departure moves from Monday morning to Monday afternoon
ON009 MAJ1105 – 1220TRW 733 7
ON010 TRW1410 – 1525MAJ 733 1

(Schedule until 28JUN14)
ON007 MAJ1000 – 1115TRW 733 3
ON008 TRW0845 – 1000MAJ 733 1

Nauru – Majuro Nauru departure moves from Mondays to Sundays, Majuro departure moves from Wednesdays to Mondays
ON008 INU0835 – 1005MAJ 733 7
ON007 MAJ1620 – 1750INU 733 1

(Schedule until 28JUN14)
ON007 INU0635 – 0805MAJ 733 1
ON008 MAJ1245 – 1415INU 733 3

Nauru – Tarawa Nauru departure moves from Monday morning to noon hours, Tarawa departure moves from Wednesdays to Sundays
ON006 INU1210 – 1325TRW 733 1
ON005 TRW1305 – 1420INU 733 7

(Schedule until 28JUN14)
ON006 INU0645 – 0800TRW 733 1
ON005 TRW1200 – 1315INU 733 3

Other planned operations:
Nauru – Brisbane 3 weekly (Operational day/schedule changes also in effect from 29JUN14)
ON001 INU1435 – 1710BNE 733 36
ON001 INU1850 – 2125BNE 733 1

ON002 BNE0100 – 0735INU 733 7
ON002 BNE0700 – 1335INU 733 36

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