WestJet Increases Calgary – Comox Service from mid-Jan 2015

WestJet from 16JAN15 is increasing operations on Calgary – Comox service, with the introduction of 3rd daily operation. From this date, the airline will revise operations from 2 daily Mainline service to 1 daily Mainline and 2 daily Encore service.

WS257 YYC1000 – 1037YQQ 73W D
WS3181 YYC1505 – 1600YQQ DH4 D
WS3217 YYC2015 – 2110YQQ DH4 D

WS880 YQQ0600 – 0824YYC 73W 7
WS3210 YQQ0600 – 0841YYC DH4 x7
WS3210 YQQ0830 – 1111YYC DH4 7
WS550 YQQ1112 – 1334YYC 73W x6
WS3180 YQQ1645 – 1926YYC DH4 D

WS257 on Day 7 operates as WS957