China Airlines Updates Oct/Nov 2014 777-300ER Operations

China Airlines between 10SEP14 and 19SEP14 gradually updated planned Boeing 777-300ER operations, between 09OCT14 and 30NOV14. Latest update as follow.

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok Planned 777-300ER operation from 09OCT14 to 30NOV14, revised to following period only, a total of 4 flights: Day 257 (12OCT14 – 19OCT14)
Taipei Taoyuan – Hanoi 26OCT14 – 30NOV14 CI781/782 1 daily service
Taipei Taoyuan – Hong Kong Inaugural flight on 09OCT14, CI601/602 remains unchanged at present time
09OCT14 – 25OCT14 Up to 3 daily flights
26OCT14 – 30NOV14 Up to 4 daily flights

Taipei Taoyuan – Kaohsiung 26OCT14 – 29NOV14 1 daily (CI309/300; KHH departure 27OCT14 – 30NOV14)

Planned 777-300ER service on Taipei Taoyuan – Ho Chi Minh CI783/784 from 26OCT14 to 30NOV14, is cancelled.

Planned 777-300ER operational routes, dates and frequencies remain subject to change.

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