DELTA Ends Atlanta – Dallas Love Field Service from mid-Oct 2014

Due to gate allocation issue, DELTA from 13OCT14 is ending Atlanta – Dallas Love Field service, where it currently operates up to 5 daily flights with CRJ200 aircraft. Reservation for flights on/after 13OCT14 was closed on Tuesday 30SEP14.

Current schedule as follow.

DL5104 ATL0821 – 0940DAL CRJ x6
DL5154 ATL1059 – 1214DAL CRJ 57
DL5154 ATL1100 – 1215DAL CRJ x567
DL5154 ATL1205 – 1321DAL CRJ 6
DL5272 ATL1339 – 1459DAL CRJ x6
DL5326 ATL1605 – 1721DAL CRJ x6
DL5368 ATL2059 – 2220DAL CRJ 6
DL5368 ATL2059 – 2221DAL CRJ x6

DL5462 DAL0700 – 1006ATL CRJ 6
DL5462 DAL0700 – 1007ATL CRJ x6
DL5104 DAL1005 – 1305ATL CRJ x6
DL5154 DAL1239 – 1544ATL CRJ 57
DL5154 DAL1240 – 1545ATL CRJ x567
DL5154 DAL1356 – 1657ATL CRJ 6
DL5272 DAL1535 – 1838ATL CRJ x6
DL5326 DAL1759 – 2103ATL CRJ x6