DELTA Expands Seattle Service from May 2015

DELTA in Summer 2015 season continues to expand operations from Seattle, with the launch of new service to Boise, Sacramento, Ketchikan, Sitka and Denver. Reservation for these new service opened on Saturday 22NOV14.

Seattle – Boise eff 04MAY15 4 daily CRJ700
DL4491 SEA0740 – 1010BOI CR7 D
DL4505 SEA1205 – 1435BOI CR7 D
DL4581 SEA1505 – 1735BOI CR7 D
DL4600 SEA1950 – 2200BOI CR7 D

DL4439 BOI0625 – 0700SEA CR7 D
DL4491 BOI1045 – 1115SEA CR7 D
DL4505 BOI1535 – 1605SEA CR7 D
DL4581 BOI1840 – 1910SEA CR7 D

Seattle – Sacramento eff 04MAY15 4 daily CRJ700/Embraer E175
DL4601 SEA0815 – 1000SMF CR7 D
DL4709 SEA1245 – 1430SMF CR7 D
DL4747 SEA1655 – 1840SMF CR7 D
DL5766 SEA1935 – 2120SMF E75 D

DL5765 SMF0620 – 0805SEA E75 D
DL4601 SMF1020 – 1205SEA CR7 D
DL4709 SMF1530 – 1715SEA CR7 D
DL4747 SMF1915 – 2100SEA CR7 D

Seattle – Ketchikan 15MAY15 – 07SEP15 1 daily CRJ700
DL4810 SEA1245 – 1340KTN CR7 D
DL4819 KTN1415 – 1705SEA CR7 D

Seattle – Sitka 15MAY15 – 06SEP15 1 daily CRJ700
DL4813 SEA1910 – 2030SIT CR7 D
DL4828 SIT0640 – 0950SEA CR7 D (16MAY15 – 07SEP15)

Seattle – Denver eff 04JUN15 5 daily Embraer E175
DL5680 SEA0830 – 1205DEN E75 D
DL5735 SEA1055 – 1430DEN E75 D
DL5761 SEA1355 – 1730DEN E75 D
DL5778 SEA1530 – 1905DEN E75 D
DL5783 SEA1830 – 2205DEN E75 D

DL5682 DEN0810 – 1005SEA E75 D
DL5751 DEN1035 – 1230SEA E75 D
DL5764 DEN1235 – 1430SEA E75 D
DL5779 DEN1655 – 1850SEA E75 D
DL5784 DEN1855 – 2050SEA E75 D