AEROFLOT Expands Arkhangelsk / Murmansk Flights from June 2015

AEROFLOT during Summer season is expanding service to Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, with the addition of 3rd daily service. Planned new flight from 01JUN15 to 24OCT15 as follow.

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Arkhangelsk Increase from 2 to 3 daily, operational aircraft switches from A319 to SSJ100-95
SU1334 SVO0105 – 0305ARH SU9 D
SU1332 SVO0805 – 1010ARH SU9 D
SU1330 SVO1620 – 1820ARH SU9 D

SU1335 ARH0405 – 0600SVO SU9 D
SU1333 ARH1110 – 1300SVO SU9 D
SU1331 ARH1920 – 2115SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Murmansk Increase from 2 to 3 daily, new flight operated by SSJ100-95
SU1320 SVO0715 – 0950MMK 320 D
SU1324 SVO1505 – 1740MMK SU9 D
SU1322 SVO2325 – 0200+1MMK 320 D

SU1323 MMK0250 – 0520SVO 320 D
SU1321 MMK1050 – 1320SVO 320 D
SU1325 MMK1840 – 2110SVO SU9 D

SU1320/1321 does not operate from 13JUL15 to 17JUL15