Transavia Plans New Amsterdam Routes in S16

Transavia in summer 2016 season is adding 4 routes from its Amsterdam base, with new travel option to Bergerac, Dubrovnik, Olbia and Palermo. Planned launch date and schedule as follow.

eff 04APR16 Amsterdam – Bergerac 2 weekly (Day 15; 4 weekly from 24APR16)
HV5083 AMS0740 – 0920EGC 73W 1
HV5083 AMS1220 – 1400EGC 73W 3
HV5083 AMS1305 – 1445EGC 73H 7
HV5083 AMS1315 – 1455EGC 73H 5

HV5084 EGC1005 – 1145AMS 73W 1
HV5084 EGC1445 – 1625AMS 73W 3
HV5084 EGC1520 – 1700AMS 73H 7
HV5084 EGC1530 – 1710AMS 73H 5

Service operates 5 weekly (Day x35) with schedule variation in July and August 2016

eff 06APR16 Amsterdam – Olbia 2 weekly
HV6917 AMS0640 – 0910OLB 73W 3
HV6917 AMS1305 – 1535OLB 73W 6

HV6918 OLB0945 – 1205AMS 73W 3
HV6918 OLB1610 – 1830AMS 73W 6

Day 1 service operates from 11JUL16 to 22AUG16, with 737-700. Day 6 service operates with 737-800 (73H) in July and August 2016

eff 07APR16 Amsterdam – Dubrovnik 3 weekly (1 weekly on Day 4 from 07APR16 to 23APR16)
HV5005 AMS0720 – 0945DBV 73H 4
HV5005 AMS1315 – 1535DBV 73H 2
HV5005 AMS1825 – 2050DBV 73W 7

HV5006 DBV1025 – 1250AMS 73H 4
HV5006 DBV1615 – 1845AMS 73H 2
HV5006 DBV2130 – 2355AMS 73W 7

Day 4 does not operate in July and August 2016

eff 23APR16 Amsterdam – Palermo 2 weekly
HV5637 AMS1725 – 2005PMO 73W 3
HV5637 AMS1850 – 2130PMO 73H 6

HV5638 PMO2050 – 2345AMS 73W 3
HV5638 PMO2205 – 0100+1AMS 73H 6

Day 3 service operates with 737-800 (73H) with schedule variation


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