Volotea Plans Additional New Routes in S16

In recent schedule update, Volotea plans to introduce additional 6 routes in summer 2016 season, mainly from its Bari and Bordeaux base. Planned new routes as follow.

eff 10APR16 Bordeaux – Split 1 weekly (2 weekly from 29JUN16 to 31AUG16)
eff 27MAY16 Bari – Olbia 2 weekly
eff 28MAY16 Bordeaux – Alicante 2 weekly
eff 02JUN16 Bordeaux – Faro 1 weekly
eff 28JUN16 Bari – Zakinthos 1 weekly (2 weekly from 28JUL16 to 30AUG16)
eff 07JUL16 Santander – Mahon 2 weekly