KLM Embraer E175 S16 Operations as of 18JAN16

On 14JAN16, Airline Route published the list of planned KLM Embraer E175 aircraft operation for the summer 2016 season, scheduled to begin on 27MAR16. A number of routes has since been added after the publication, while some were not noticed while going through the GDS data.

Additional routes to be operated by KLMcityhopper E175 in S16 as follow:
eff 27MAR16 Amsterdam – Turin 5 weekly (until 01JUL16)
eff 30APR16 Amsterdam – Stuttgart 1 weekly (until 07MAY16)
eff 17MAY16 Amsterdam – Inverness 1 daily (until 03JUL16)

Previously reported KLMcityhopper Embraer E175 operation as follow:
eff 27MAR16 Amsterdam – Aalesund 6 weekly (until 03JUL16)
eff 27MAR16 Amsterdam – Brussels 2 weekly (until 03JUL16; 1 daily from 05SEP16)
eff 27MAR16 Amsterdam – Stavanger 1 daily (until 15MAY16)
eff 28MAR16 Amsterdam – Manchester 1 weekly (until 27JUN16)
eff 28MAR16 Amsterdam – Oslo Sandefjord 1 weekly (until 27JUN16)
eff 03JUL16 Amsterdam – Aalborg 17 weekly (18 weekly from 05SEP16)
eff 04JUL16 Amsterdam – Bordeaux 1 daily
eff 04JUL16 Amsterdam – Dusseldorf 1 daily
eff 04JUL16 Amsterdam – Frankfurt 5 weekly (6 weekly from 04SEP16)
eff 04JUL16 Amsterdam – Hanover 12 weekly (17 weekly from 29AUG16)
eff 04JUL16 Amsterdam – London Heathrow up to 2 weekly (5 weekly from 05SEP16)
eff 05JUL16 Amsterdam – Gothenburg 2 weekly (1 weekly from 03SEP16)
eff 09JUL16 Amsterdam – Lyon 1 weekly
eff 05SEP16 Amsterdam – Kristiansand 1 daily
eff 05SEP16 Amsterdam – Norwich 6 weekly