DELTA S11 Initial International Changes as of 11DEC10

EDIT: Routes marked with  underline represents further changes adjusted as of 18DEC10, updated post can be found here

As per 11DEC10 GDS timetable display, DELTA adjusted most of its Summer 2011 International operation.

Initial adjustments, subject to further changes, as follows. Note the frequency or operational aircraft comparison is between Summer 2011 and Summer 2010. Peak season operates between June and August 2011.

Atlanta – Accra – Abuja Service remains at 2 weekly (compared to 3 in Summer 2010 for Abuja)
Atlanta – Amsterdam 2 Daily Airbus A330-200 operating, replacing mix of A330-200/-300/767 in S10
Atlanta – Athens Summer seasonal service operates from 03JUN11 to 12JUL11 only, 4 times a week with 767-300ER (Daily in Summer 2010)
Atlanta – Barcelona eff27MAR11 Airbus A330-300 replace 767, Daily service in Summer
Atlanta – Dakar – Luanda eff 01JUN11 Boeing 767-300 replace Airbus A330-200
Atlanta – Frankfurt 26MAR11 – 31MAY11 Airbus A330-200 replace 767-400
Atlanta – Guatemala City eff 10JUN11 Increase from 1 to 2 Daily
DL461 ATL0950 – 1121GUA 757 D
DL495 ATL1850 – 2021GUA 73W D 10JUN11-

DL496 GUA0750 – 1325ATL 73W D 11JUN11-
DL596 GUA1231 – 1806ATL 757 D

Atlanta – Guayaquil Summer peak season operates 5 weekly 757, compared to 737-800 in Summer 2010
Atlanta – Kingston Service remains canceled in Summer 2011 season
Atlanta – Lagos eff 31MAY11 Airbus A330-200 replace 777-200ER (Daily service from 01MAY11)
Atlanta – London Gatwick Summer 2011 season operates Daily 767-300ER, compared to mix of 767-400ER/A330-300 in S10
Atlanta – Managua Boeing 737-800 replace -700 (in Summer 2010)
Atlanta – Milan Malpensa 26MAR11 – 15JUL11 Service operates Daily, then reduce to 5 weekly as usual
Atlanta – Moscow Sheremetyevo Service operates 4 weekly in Summer 2011, compared to 5 in S10
Atlanta – Munich 26MAR11 – 31MAY11 Airbus A330-200 replace 767-400ER
Atlanta – Paris CDG Joint service with AIRFRANCE increase from 3 to 4 Daily with AF adding 2nd Daily service eff 27MAR11 (posted on 10DEC10)
Atlanta – Prague Summer seasonal service operates 4 weekly, compared to 5 in Summer 2010, operating from 01JUN11 to 29AUG11
Atlanta – Quito Summer peak season operates with Boeing 757, replacing 737-700 in S10
Atlanta – Rome 26MAR11 – 15MAY11 Airbus A330-200 replace -300
Atlanta – Tel Aviv eff 29MAR11 Service to continue 4 weekly operation (previously planned Daily), 777-200ER operates 3 weekly (Day 357 from ATL), -200LR operates 1 (Day 1)
Atlanta – Venice Summer seasonal service resumes from 01JUN11, was to be in May 2011
Detroit – Amsterdam Aircraft change 2 of 4 Daily flights, usually with Airbus A330-300
DL250/243 26MAR11 – 30MAY11 A330-200 replace A330-300 (from 31MAY11, DL250 becomes DL242)
DL248/249 26MAR11 – 31MAY11 767-300 replace Airbus A330-300

Detroit – Frankfurt eff 27MAR11 Boeing 767-400ER replace -300ER
Detroit – Hong Kong 26MAR11 – 27MAY11 Service remains at reduced level, 4 weekly 777-200LR. 5th weekly flight to be restored from 28MAY11
Detroit – London Heathrow eff 27MAR11 3 of 10 weekly service, DL262/263 operates with 767-400ER, replace -300ER (all 10 weekly with 767-400ER)
Detroit – Rome Summer seasonal service resumes from 01JUN11, was to be in May 2011
Detroit – Sao Paulo Service continues to operate 5 times a week, flight number change from 01MAR11 from DL205/254 to DL257/256
Detroit – Seoul Incheon 26MAR11 – 31MAY11 Service remains at reduced level, 4 weekly 777-200ER. eff 01JUN11 Service operates Daily, an increase from 5 weekly from Summer 2010
Detroit – Shanghai Pu Dong Boeing 747-400 gradually replacing 777-200ER, service increase to Daily from 01JUN11
27MAR11 – 31MAY11 777 Day 247 744 Day 136 (PVG departs next day)
01JUN11 – 744 Daily

Honolulu – Nagoya Service appears to be canceled in Summer season
Honolulu – Tokyo Narita 3rd Daily service, DL607/608 with 767-300ER, operates from 15JUL11
Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita 747-400 replaced by Airbus A330
26MAR11 – 14JUL11 A330-200
15JUL11 – 31OCT11 A330-300

Minneapolis – Amsterdam All 3 Daily operates with Airbus A330-300 (1 of 3 Daily in S10 was -200)
New York JFK – Athens eff 26MAR11 Airbus A330-300 replace 767-400 (in S10)
New York JFK – Barcelona eff 26MAR11 Airbus A330-300 replace 767-400 (in S10)
New York JFK – Brussels Boeing 757-200 operates entire Summer 2011 season, compared to 767 in S10
New York JFK – Budapest Service in September 2011 operates Daily, instead of 4 weekly in Sep 2010
New York JFK – Dublin Boeing 767-300ER replace -400ER (in S10)
New York JFK – Frankfurt Boeing 757-200 operates entire Summer 2011 season, compared to 767 in S10
New York JFK – Istanbul Boeing 767-300ER operates entire Summer 2011 season, compared to -400ER in S10
New York JFK – Kiev Summer seasonal service to resume fro 01JUN11 (was planned May 2011)
New York JFK – Malaga Summer seasonal service increase from 5 to 6 weekly
New York JFK – Manchester 27MAR11 – 31MAY11 Service continues to operate at reduced 5 weekly level
New York JFK – Milan Malpensa Boeing 767-400ER operates for entire Summer season, replacing A330-300 from June to August 2010 (767-300ER operates along with -400ER from 26MAR11 to 30MAY11)
New York JFK – Moscow Sheremetyevo eff 16JUN11 Boeing 767-400ER replace -300ER for the rest of Summer 2011 season (764 in S10 operated until 30AUG10)
New York JFK – Nice Service in Sep 2011 operates with 767-400ER instead of -300ER in S10
New York JFK – Pisa Summer seasonal service to resume from 09JUN11 (was planned to resume from May)
New York JFK – Prague 27MAR11 – 30APR11 Service continues to operate at reduced 6 weekly level
New York JFK – Rome eff 01JUN11 DL246/245 Boeing 767-300ER replace Airbus A330-300; Seasonal 2nd Daily also operates with 767-300ER starting from 01JUN11, was to be in May 2011
Salt Lake City – Tokyo Narita Seasonal Service begins from eff01JUN11 and operates Daily, increased from 5 weekly
Seattle – Osaka Kansai 15JUL11 – 30SEP11 Airbus A330-300 replace 767
Tokyo Narita – Hong Kong eff 01JUN11 Boeing 777-200LR replace 747-400
Tokyo Narita – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 30MAY11 Airbus A330-300 replace 747-400
Tokyo Narita – Singapore eff 01JUN11 Airbus A330-200 replace 777-200LR
Tokyo Narita – Taipei Taoyuan Boeing 757 replaced by following:
28MAR11 – 31MAY11 Airbus A330-300
01JUN11 – 747-400

Regarding service to Mumbai, Summer 2011 operates Atlanta – Amsterdam – Mumbai, instead of New York JFK – Amsterdam – Mumbai

On some other routes, there are capacity changes through operating various configuration of same aircraft type, eg: 757-200 and 767-300

Also, DELTA’s planned new and/or expanded International service, previously posted on various dates), as follows:
Tokyo Narita – Manila 05APR11 -15JUL11 Increase from 7 to 11 weekly
DL097 NRT1830 – 2235MNL 757 x135
DL096 MNL0335 – 0915NRT 757 x246

Tokyo Narita – Guangzhou eff 06APR11 Service Resumption, Daily 767-300ER
DL209 NRT1900 – 2320CAN 763 D
DL208 CAN0755 – 1320NRT 763 D

Atlanta – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 05JUN11 Service Resumption, 2 weekly 777
DL229 ATL0955 – 1340+1PVG 777 2
DL229 ATL0955 – 1340+1PVG 77L 7

DL228 PVG1545 – 1825ATL 777 3
DL228 PVG1545 – 1825ATL 77L 1

Detroit – Beijing eff 01JUL11 Service Resumption, 5 weekly 777-200ER
DL189 DTW1930 – 2105+1PEK 777 x23
DL188 PEK0725 – 0845DTW 777 x34

Boston – London Heathrow eff 26MAR11 NEW 2 Daily service by 767-300ER
DL270 BOS1900 – 0645+1LHR 763 D
DL144 BOS2250 – 1035+1LHR 763 D

DL271 LHR1030 – 1325BOS 763 D
DL145 LHR1335 – 1630BOS 763 D

Boston – Paris CDG eff 26MAR11 Introduction of 3rd Daily service during peak season by 757-200ER (2 Daily already operated by AIRFRANCE)
DL048 BOS1850 – 0755+1CDG 752 D
DL049 CDG1110 – 1310BOS 752 D

Miami – London Heathrow eff 26MAR11 NEW 1 Daily service by 767-300ER
DL260 MIA1730 – 0730+1LHR 763 D
DL261 LHR0940 – 1505MIA 763 D

New York JFK – Paris CDG eff 01JUN11 Introduction of 6th Daily service during peak season by 767-300ER (5 Daily already operated by AIRFRANCE), which DELTA once again operates this service with its own aircraft
DL184 JFK1740 – 0735+1CDG 763 D
DL185 CDG1300 – 1540JFK 763 D

Pittsburgh – Paris CDG 01JUN11 – 01SEP11 Increase from 5 weekly to Daily during Summer peak season
Seattle – Amsterdam eff 01JUN11Summer peak season increase from 10 weekly in Summer 2010 to 14 weekly
DL224 SEA1840 – 1335+1AMS 763 D
DL223 AMS1455 – 1615SEA 763 D

New York JFK – Reykjavik eff 02JUN11 NEW 5 weekly service by 757 (Previously planned Daily)
DL052 JFK2335 – 0920+1KEF 752 x12
DL051 KEF1050 – 1305JFK 752 x23

Changes to Joint Venture partner AIRFRANCE-KLM’s Summer 2011 operation as follows:
KLM as of 02DEC10

Regarding Alitalia, also a Joint Venture partner, sees no significant changes to Summer 2011 operation to date, Trans-Atlantic-wise, except the minor changes to its new Airbus A330-200 operation.