Grupo TACA starts US Air codeshare 12JAN10

Grupo TACA’s TACA and LACSA starting 12JAN10 will be placing respective “TA” and “LR” code on the following US Airways’ service.    Codeshare flight numbers and routes as follows ((US Airways’ codeshare routes by Grupo TACA can be found here):

ROUTE LR Codeshare US Operating
San Jose – Charlotte LR2400 US1706
Charlotte – San Jose LR2401 US1707
San Jose – Phoenix LR2402 US357
Phoenix – San Jose LR2403 US356
Charlotte – Boston LR2406 US822
Boston – Charlotte LR2407 US1021
Charlotte – Minneapolis LR2408 US984
Minneapolis – Charlotte LR2409 US945
Charlotte – New York La Guardia LR2404 US1632
New York La Guardia – Charlotte LR2405 US1509
Charlotte – Raleigh LR2410 US1881
Raleigh – Charlotte LR2411 US2235
TA Codeshare US Operating
Dallas – Charlotte TA2300 US1940
Charlotte – Dallas TA2301 US1101
Dallas – Las Vegas TA2304 US396
Las Vegas – Dallas TA2305 US393
Dallas – Philadelphia TA2306 US1290
Philadelphia – Dallas TA2307 US1273
Dallas – Phoenix TA2302 US627
Phoenix – Dallas TA2303 US542
Miami – Charlotte TA2312 US1850
Charlotte – Miami TA2313 US1675
Miami – Philadelphia TA2310 US798
Philadelphia – Miami TA2311 US1651

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