JAL 2009/10 Winter long-haul changes

JAL has made several adjustments for 2009/10 Winter long-haul schedule in its GDS inventory display.

The changes sees the airline continuing to downsizing operation aircraft, as the airline planned earlier. 6 Destinations in total losing Boeing 747-400 service.

Changes are the following, as of 30JUN09. Note all changes in effect from 25OCT09 unless otherwise stated:

Tokyo Narita – Chicago 777-300ER replacing 747-400 as planned
Tokyo Narita – Denpasar 767 replacing 747-400 as planned
Tokyo Narita – Los Angeles 777-300ER replacing 747-400 as planned

Tokyo Narita – Manila 2 Daily 767-300 from 25OCT09
JL745/746, 767 replacing the sole 747 service

Tokyo Narita – Singapore 2 Daily 777 from 25OCT09
JL719/710, 777-300ER replacing 747-400 01OCT09 – 24OCT09
JL719/710, 777 operating from 25OCT09
JL711/712, 777 replacing planned 767 operation

Tokyo Narita – Taipei 4 Daily 767 from 25OCT09
JL649/642, 747-400 replaced by 767 from 31AUG09
JL641/648, planned 747-400 service in W09/10, is replaced by 767
747-400 service ending on this route