Lufthansa Munich European changes in Summer 09

Lufthansa is increasing the following European service out of Munich for 2009 Summer season, as of 14JAN09 Amadeus timetable display

Munich – Bilbao
Increase from 1 to 2 Daily
LH4548 MUC0905 – 1115BIO CR9 D
LH4506 MUC1505 – 1725BIO CR9 D

LH4549 BIO1155 – 1405MUC CR9 D
LH4507 BIO1800 – 2020MUC CR9 D

Munich – Bologna
NEW 7th Daily service

LH4000 MUC1905 – 2025BLQ AT5 x67
LH4001 BLQ2105 – 2230MUC AT5 x67

Munich – Cluj
Increase from 1 to 2 Daily
LH3496 MUC0915 – 1200CLJ CR7 D
LH3242 MUC1445 – 1720CLJ CR7 D

LH3497 CLJ1240 – 1330MUC CR7 D
LH3243 CLJ1800 – 1845MUC CR7 D

Munich – Donetsk
Service to be operated by 737-500 (CR7/CR9 in Summer 08)

Munich – Florence
Overall frequencies is 5 Daily (7 in Summer 08)

Munich – Pisa
Overall frequencies is 2 Daily (3 in Summer 08)

It is not offering the following service in 2009 Summer….
Munich – Dublin