Felix Airways

Both Amadeus and Aug 2008 edition of OAG are listing schedule of new Yemeni carrier called “Felix Airways”. The airline code is FO.

The airline is scheduled to launch on 01SEP08, but this may be delayed

Sana’a – Aden
FO6001 SAH0630 – 0720ADE CR7 D
FO6008 SAH0800 – 0850ADE CR7 D
FO6005 SAH1430 – 1520ADE CR7 D
FO6028 SAH1800 – 1850ADE CR7 D
FO6010 SAH2100 – 2150ADE CR7 D

FO6007 ADE0630 – 0720SAH CR7 D
FO6002 ADE0800 – 0850SAH CR7 D
FO6006 ADE1600 – 1650SAH CR7 D
FO6029 ADE1930 – 2020SAH CR7 D
FO6009 ADE2030 – 2120SAH CR7 D

Sana’a – Al Ghaydah
FO6003 ADE1015 – 1140AAY CR7 D
FO6004 AAY1215 – 1345ADE CR7 D

Sana’a – Hodeidah
FO6035 SAH0930 – 1005HOD CR7 257
FO6024 SAH1745 – 1820HOD CR7 D

FO6036 HOD1040 – 1120SAH CR7 257
FO6025 HOD1855 – 1935SAH CR7 D

Sana’a – Riyan Mukalla
FO6014 SAH0930 – 1040RIY CR7 D
FO6021 SAH1300 – 1410RIY CR7 D
FO6031 SAH1805 – 1915RIY CR7 D
FO6030 SAH2200 – 2310RIY CR7 D

FO6013 RIY0730 – 0835SAH CR7 D
FO6020 RIY1115 – 1220SAH CR7 D
FO6015 RIY1445 – 1550SAH CR7 D
FO6032 RIY1950 – 2055SAH CR7 D

Sana’a – Seiyun
FO6011 SAH0700 – 0800GXF CR7 x257
FO6022 SAH1200 – 1300GXF CR7 D

FO6012 GXF0830 – 0930SAH CR7 x257
FO6023 GXF1340 – 1440SAH CR7 D

Sana’a – Taiz
FO6011 SAH0715 – 0755TAI CR7 257
FO6035 SAH0930 – 1010TAI CR7 x257
FO6026 SAH1530 – 1610TAI CR7 D

FO6012 TAI0845 – 0925SAH CR7 257
FO6036 TAI1040 – 1120SAH CR7 x257
FO6027 TAI1645 – 1725SAH CR7 D

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