China Southern Xinjiang 07/08 Winter operation

China Southern Airlines’ Xinjiang branch is adjusting their flight operations in 2007/08 Winter operation.

1 new route will be operated from 02DEC07, on the Urumqi – Taiyuan – Haikou route, operates 3 weekly.

CZ6957 URC0855 – 1205TYN1255 – 1625HAK 357 73G
CZ6958 HAK1710 – 2045TYN2130 – 0035+1URC 357 73G

Due to shorter daylight hours, flights to most cities has been adjusted by at least 10-60 minutes.

Due to lower travel demand, flights within Xinjiang Province has been reduced to:
Korla 4 daily
Qiemo 2 weekly (Day 14)
Karshi 2 daily
Yining 4-5 daily
Nalati No operations in Winter
Aksu 2 daily
Hotan 2 daily
Service to Kuqa, Tacheng, Altay, Karamay will be continued

The airline will also operates new 2 weekly Urumqi – Osh flight from 06NOV07, 2nd destination Kyrgyzstan.