Uzbekistan Airways W16 Domestic Flight Number Changes

Uzbekistan Airways from 30OCT16 is adjusting operational flight numbers for its domestic routes, switching from existing 4-digit to 2/3-digit, under HY001 – 099 range. Planned flight number changes as follow.

Ferghana – Bukhara HY133x > HY02x
Karshi – Termez HY120x > HY07x
Tashkent – Andizhan HY142x > HY09x
Tashkent – Bukhara
HY132x/133x > HY02x/03x
Tashkent – Ferghana HY141x > HY08x
Tashkent – Karshi HY120x/121x > HY07x/08x
Tashkent – Namagan HY146x > HY09x
Tashkent – Navoi HY134x/135x > HY04x/05x
Tashkent – Nucus
HY100x > HY01x
Tashkent – Samarkand HY131x > HY04x
Tashkent – Termez HY115x/116x > HY06x/07x
Tashkent – Urgench HY105x/106x > HY05x/06x

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