Etihad extends A319 service into W16

Etihad Airways in recent schedule update has extended planned Airbus A319 aircraft operation, previously scheduled to operate until the end of summer 2016 season on 29OCT16. Planned Airbus A319 service on/after 30OCT16 as follow.

Abu Dhabi – Almaty 3 weekly
Abu Dhabi – Astana 2 weekly
Abu Dhabi – Bahrain

EY379/370 1 daily
EY371/378 2 weekly (Day 15)
EY375/376 2 weekly (Day 15)
EY377/372 1 daily

Abu Dhabi – Doha EY399/390 1 weekly (Day 6)
Abu Dhabi – Minsk 1 daily
Abu Dhabi – Muscat
EY384/385 6 weekly (Day x6)
EY388/381 1 daily

Planned A319 service remains subject to change.