Air France S17 Long-Haul service changes as of 19OCT16

Air France in this week’s schedule update adjusted summer 2017 program for selected market, scheduled to begin from 26MAR17. As of 19OCT16, notable long-haul service changes as follow.

Paris CDG – Hong Kong 4 of 7 weekly A380 service is cancelled. S17 sees daily 777-300ER operation, instead of 4 weekly A380 and 3 weekly 777-300ER
AF188 CDG2330 – 1730+1HKG 77W D
AF185 HKG2255 – 0555+1CDG 77W D

Paris CDG – Los Angeles 08JUN17 – 01OCT17 AF072/069 Day 467 service operated by 4-class 777-300ER, replacing -200ER (This was reflected in recent weeks, not covered on Airlineroute previously)
Paris CDG – New York JFK Airbus A380 service increases from 1 to 2 daily during summer season. AF010/011 sees A380 replacing 777-300ER
AF022 CDG0820 – 1025JFK 772 D
AF006 CDG1405 – 1620JFK 388 D
AF010 CDG1640 – 1900JFK 388 D
AF008 CDG1910 – 2120JFK 77W D

AF023 JFK1620 – 0540+1CDG 772 D
AF007 JFK1920 – 0835+1CDG 388 D
AF011 JFK2150 – 1115+1CDG 388 D
AF009 JFK2330 – 1240+1CDG 77W D

AF022/023 is operated by 3-class 777-200ER.