Swiss plans CS300 debut in October 2017

Swiss International last week filed planned Bombardier CSeries CS300 operations, set to enter revenue service in October 2017. As of 06JAN17, planned CS300 operation as follow.

eff 09OCT17 Zurich – Dusseldorf 1 weekly until 23OCT17
eff 09OCT17 Zurich – Naples 1 weekly until 16OCT17 (CS300 inaugural flight)
eff 09OCT17 Zurich – Paris CDG 09OCT17, 15OCT17 – 17OCT17, 22OCT17 – 24OCT17
15OCT17 Zurich – Krakow 1 flight
eff 15OCT17 Zurich – Venice 15OCT17 / 17OCT17 / 18OCT17 / 25OCT17
eff 17OCT17 Zurich – Brussels 17OCT17 / 18OCT17 / 25OCT17
eff 18OCT17 Zurich – Bari 2 weekly until 27OCT17
eff 19OCT17 Zurich – Palermo 2 weekly until 26OCT17
eff 19OCT17 Zurich – Prague 2 weekly until 28OCT17
eff 20OCT17 Zurich – Budapest 1 weekly until 27OCT17
eff 20OCT17 Zurich – Hanover 1 weekly until 27OCT17
eff 21OCT17 Zurich – Brindisi 2 weekly until 28OCT17
eff 21OCT17 Zurich – Sofia 1 weekly until 28OCT17
22OCT17 Zurich – Nice 1 flight
eff 29OCT17 Geneva – London Heathrow 5 daily
eff 29OCT17 Geneva – Moscow Domodedovo 1 daily

Note flights to/from Geneva is still displaying CS100 at time of booking. However week of 08JAN17’s OAG Schedules Analyser update is displaying CS300.