Korean Air W18 International changes as of 06SEP18

Korean Air in the last few days gradually filed changes to its winter 2018/19 operation, effective from 28OCT18. Selected changes listed below appeared on Thursday morning local time. As of 0330GMT 06SEP18, planned changes as follow.

Busan – Hong Kong eff 28OCT18 1 daily service cancelled (Reservation closed since late-July 2018)
Busan – Nanjing eff 28OCT18 737-900ER replaces -800, 3 weekly
Busan – Qingdao eff 28OCT18 Previously filed 737-800 replaced by:
739 Day x256
73J Day 256 (737-900ER)

Seoul Incheon – Bangkok Operational aircraft changes
KE651/652 A380 replaces 777-300
KE653/654 Day 246 (Day 357 from ICN) operated by 777-300ER, replacing previously filed A380 (Overall A380 service increases from previously filed 7 weekly to 11 weekly)
KE657/658 Previously filed 777-300ER service replaced by following
28OCT18 – 06JAN19 744 Day x1
07JAN19 – 30MAR19 773 Daily

Seoul Incheon – Cam Ranh/Nha Trang eff 28OCT18 A330-200 replaces previously filed 737-800, 4 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Cebu eff 01JAN19 A330-200 replaces -300, 1 daily
Seoul Incheon – Dallas/Ft. Worth eff 28OCT18 777-300ER continues operating 4 weekly, replacing previously filed -200ER
Seoul Incheon – Hanoi
eff 28OCT18 KE479/480 A330-300 replaces previously filed 777-300ER
eff 28OCT18 KE483/484 777-300ER replaces previously filed A330-200
eff 17DEC18 KE679/680 777-300ER replaces A330-300

Seoul Incheon – Ho Chi Minh City eff 28OCT18 KE683/684 A330-300 replaces previously filed 777-300ER
Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong eff 28OCT18 Increase from 4 to 5 daily
KE611 ICN2145 – 0040+1HKG 73J D
KE612 HKG0205 – 0620ICN 73J D

Operational aircraft changes:
KE601/602 777-300ER replaces previously filed 777-200ER
KE603/604 777-300ER replaces previously filedA330-300
KE607/608 787-9 replaces previously filed 777-300ER
KE613/614 747-8I replaces previously filed A330-300

Seoul Incheon – Kuala Lumpur eff 28OCT18 747-8I replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Seoul Incheon – Las Vegas 08DEC18 – 26JAN19 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly. Currently service is displayed as 777-300ER operation instead of 787-9, from 28OCT18
Seoul Incheon – Manila eff 07JAN19 KE621/622 747-400 replaces 777-300
Seoul Incheon – Phuket 28OCT18 – 07JAN19 777-300 replaces -300ER
Seoul Incheon – Seattle eff 29OCT18 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly during winter season
Seoul Incheon – Singapore 13NOV18 – 25NOV18 KE643/644 747-8I replaces 777-300
Seoul Incheon – Taipei Taoyuan eff 28OCT18 KE691/692 A380 operating on daily basis for the second consecutive winter season
Seoul Incheon – Yangon eff 28OCT18 A330-200 replaces previously filed -300, 1 daily

Previously reported changes:
Busan – Fukuoka eff 05JAN19 A220-300 operates 2 daily, replacing 737-900
Busan – Nagoya eff 05NOV18 A220-300 operates 1 daily, replacing 737-900
Busan – Sapporo New Chitose eff 05JAN19 A220-300 operates 1 daily, replacing 737-900
Busan – Tokyo Narita eff 05DEC18 A220-300 operates 2 daily, replacing 737-800
Seoul Incheon – Vienna
eff 28OCT18 3 weekly terminator service maintained, no longer extends to Zurich during winter season. 777-200ER operating
Seoul Incheon – Zagreb – Zurich – Seoul Incheon eff 28OCT18 Zagreb and Zurich service consolidated to triangle service, 3 times a week with 777-200ER (787-9 from 02JAN19)