Qatar Airways W18 long-haul changes as of 09OCT18

Qatar Airways in the last few days (up to Tuesday 09OCT18) filed additional changes to its winter 2018/19 operation, effective 28OCT18 – 30MAR19. Latest adjustment as of 09OCT18 as follows (certain routes with aircraft adjustment already reflected since August, but not covered on Airlineroute).

Doha – Bangkok eff 01DEC18 QR834/839 and QR838/835 A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER. Overall planned increase from 6 to 7 daily from 28OCT18, including 1 daily A380 operation, remains unchanged
Doha – Belgrade 28OCT18 – 30NOV18 A320 replaces A321, 1 daily
Doha – Bucharest eff 28OCT18 2 daily service operated by a mix of A320/321, instead of A321 only
Doha – Cape Town Operational aircraft changes for this 1 daily service
28OCT18 – 30NOV18 787-8
01DEC18 – 31JAN19 A350-900XWB (New adjustment; replacing 777-300ER)
01FEB19 – 30MAR19 777-300ER

Doha – Copenhagen eff 14DEC18 Increase from 14 to 18 weekly, additional 4 weekly operated by A350-900XWB / 777-300ER / 787-8
Doha – Hatay 06MAR19 – 27MAR19 2 of 3 weekly operated by A321, replacing A320
Doha – Helsinki eff 28OCT18 QR301/302 and QR303/304 A330-200/-300 replaces previously filed 787-8 (Overall 1 daily each A320 and A330)
Doha – Manchester
28OCT18 – 30NOV18 A350-900 replaces 787-8 on 14 of 18 weekly flights
eff 01DEC18 QR027/028 358-seater 777-300ER replaces A350-900XWB (Overall 7 weekly 359, 7 weekly 77W and 4 weekly 788)

Doha – Sofia eff 01DEC18 Capacity increase with A321 operates most flights, up to 10 weekly (Overall Sofia service is 11)
Doha – Stockholm Arlanda eff 01DEC18 QR167/168 and QR169/170 358-seater 777-300ER replaces 787-8 (Overall 1 daily each 77W and 359)
Doha – Warsaw eff 28OCT18 QR263/264 (3 weekly) and QR259/260 (4 weekly) A330-300 replaces A320 (Previous plan: A330-200; Overall 1 daily each 787 and A330)           

Previously reported changes:
Doha – Bangkok – Hanoi eff 28OCT18 Bangkok service no longer extends to Hanoi
Doha – Boston 01DEC18 – 31JAN19 777-300ER replaces A350-900XWB, 1 daily
Doha – Casablanca eff 28OCT18 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8, 2 weekly
Doha – Casablanca – Marrakech – Doha eff 29OCT18 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8, 5 weekly
Doha – Chiang Mai eff 30NOV18 Increase from 4 to 7 weekly, 787-8 operating
Doha – Da Nang eff 19DEC18 New route, 4 weekly 787-8 (Previously reported as 5 weekly in error)
Doha – Denpasar 28OCT18 – 30NOV18 QR960/961 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 1 daily
Doha – Gothenburg eff 12DEC18 New route, 5 weekly 787-8 service
Doha – Hangzhou eff 28OCT18 A330-300 replaces -200, 4 weekly
Doha – Hanoi eff 28OCT18 Nonstop service increases from 1 to 2 daily (1 daily each 787-8 and A330-200)
Doha – Krabi
eff 31OCT18 787-8 replaces previously filed A330-200, 4 weekly
eff 02DEC18 Increase from 4 to 7 weekly, 787-8 operating

Doha – Lagos eff 28OCT18 787-8 replaces A330-200/-300, 1 daily
Doha – Male eff 28OCT18 Increase from 2 to 3 daily, A330-300/350-900XWB operating
Doha – Milan Malpensa eff 28OCT18 QR127/128 777-300ER continues to operate 1 daily, replacing previously filed A330-300
Doha – Mombasa eff 11DEC18 New route, 4 weekly A320
Doha – New York JFK eff 28OCT18 QR701/702 operated by A350-1000XWB, replacing 777-300ER (The A350-1000XWB has been operating on selected flights in September and October 2018)
Doha – Oslo eff 28OCT18 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8, 10 weekly
Doha – Penang eff 28OCT18 Operational aircraft currently displaying A330-200/-300, replacing previously filed 787-8
Doha – Prague eff 28OCT18 QR291/292 787-8 replaces A320 (Overall 1 daily each 787 and A320)
Doha – Seoul Incheon eff 28OCT18 Reduce from 8 to 7 weekly, 777-300ER operating
Doha – Singapore
eff 01NOV18 QR944/945 A350-1000XWB replaces -900XWB, 1 daily
eff 01DEC18 QR946/947 A350-1000XWB replaces -900XWB, 1 daily

Doha – Skopje eff 28OCT18 Reduce from 4 to 3 weekly, A320 operating
Doha – Tokyo Haneda eff 01JAN19 A350-1000XWB replaces -900XWB, 1 daily

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