Lanmei Airlines schedules new routes in 4Q18

Cambodian carrier Lanmei Airlines in the 4th quarter of 2018 is introducing new routes to China, including scheduled charter flights. Planned new routes include the following.

Siem Reap – Hohhet eff 03DEC18 1 weekly A321
Siem Reap – Jieyang/Chaoshan eff 28OCT18 3 weekly A319
Siem Reap – Linyi eff 04DEC18 Every 4-5 days A321
Siem Reap – Xining eff 09NOV18 Every 4-5 days A321
Siem Reap – Zunyi eff 27OCT18 3 weekly A319/321
Sihanoukville – Changsha eff 28OCT18 3 weekly A319

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