Finnair expands Russia service in S19

Finnair last week announced service expansion to Russia, scheduled in summer 2019 season. Operated by Nordic Regional Airlines Embraer E190 aircraft, the oneWorld member will expand service to Moscow and St. Petersburg with additional daily flight.

Helsinki – Moscow Shremetyevo eff 31MAR19 Increase from 21 to 28 weekly
AY711 HEL0735 – 0915SVO E90 D
AY715 HEL1110 – 1250SVO E90 D
AY713 HEL1740 – 1920SVO E90 D
AY719 HEL2355 – 0135+1SVO E90 D

AY720 SVO0500 – 0645HEL E90 D
AY712 SVO1000 – 1140HEL E90 D
AY716 SVO1335 – 1520HEL E90 D
AY714 SVO2030 – 2215HEL E90 D

Helsinki – St. Petersburg eff 31MAR19 Increase from 20 to 27 weekly
AY701 HEL0755 – 0855LED E90 D
AY707 HEL1150 – 1250LED E90 x7
AY707 HEL1225 – 1325LED E90 7
AY705 HEL1750 – 1850LED E90 D
AY703 HEL2355 – 0055+1LED E90 x6

AY704 LED0600 – 0655HEL E90 x7
AY702 LED0940 – 1030HEL E90 D
AY708 LED1335 – 1425HEL E90 x7
AY708 LED1410 – 1500HEL E90 7
AY706 LED1935 – 2025HEL E90 D