Air France Mainline NS19 long-haul changes as of 28DEC18

Air France in recent weeks gradually filed additional long-haul changes for Northern summer 2019 season. Planned Mainline operation changes as of 28DEC18 as follows.

Paris CDG – Abidjan eff 31MAR19 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, as A380 service cancelled. 777-300ER operating
AF702 CDG1540 – 2000ABJ 77W D
AF704 CDG1830 – 2245ABJ 789 146

AF705 ABJ0055 – 0915CDGN789 257
AF703 ABJ2230 – 0655+1CDG 77W D

Paris CDG – Abuja – Port Harcourt eff 31MAR19 5 weekly service cancelled (Overall Abuja service reduced from 7 to 4 weekly)
Paris CDG – Delhi eff 02APR19 Service increase from 5 to 6 weekly for summer season, A330-200 operating
Paris CDG – Detroit eff 31MAR19 787-9 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
Paris CDG – Ho Chi Minh City eff 31MAR19 3 weekly 777-200ER operates entire season (Previous plan: 1 of 3 weekly by 777-300ER from 06APR19 to 14JUL19)
Paris CDG – Johannesburg eff 31MAR19 AF990/995 777-300ER replaces A380 remain unchanged. Planned increase from 7 to 10 weekly cancelled
Paris CDG – Lima 777-300ER replaces -200ER on following:
01APR19 – 30APR19 Day 15
01MAY19 – 26OCT19 Day x247

Paris CDG – Luanda Operational aircraft changes, 777-200ER gradually replaces -300ER (operational days based on CDG departure):
01APR19 – 29APR19 77W Day 1 772 Day 3 332 Day 4
01MAY19 – 23OCT19 772 Day 13 332 Day 4

Paris CDG – N’Djamena eff 01APR19 AF538/533 3 weekly nonstop terminator cancelled (Overall service reduce from 5 to 4 weekly)
Paris CDG – Pointe Noire eff 31MAR19 Reduce from 5 to 4 weekly, A330-200 operating
Paris CDG – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 31MAR19 AF116/111 A380 service increases from 5 to 7 weekly
Paris CDG – Toronto eff 15MAY19 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, extra flights operated by 777-200ER
AF356 CDG1350 – 1610YYZ 772 D
AF386 CDG1700 – 1920YYZ 772 136

AF351 YYZ1825 – 0755+1CDG 772 D
AF393 YYZ2120 – 1050+1CDG 772 136

Paris CDG – Wuhan eff 31MAR19 A330-200 operates 3-4 weekly, replacing 777-200ER

Air France's re-configured A330-200 aircraft is scheduled to serve following destinations during Northern summer 2019: Accra, Brazzaville, Chicago O'Hare,  Cotonou, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Delhi, Lagos, Lome, Niamey, Ouagadougou and Seattle.

Previously reported changes:
Paris CDG – Abuja – N’Djamena – Paris CDG eff 31MAR19 2 weekly A330-200, and 2 weekly in opposite direction. This replaces current Abuja and N’Djamena nonstop terminator operation in both direction
Paris CDG – Dallas/Ft. Worth
eff 31MAR19 Service resumption, 3 weekly A330-200 service (5 weekly 01JUL19 – 01SEP19)
Paris CDG – Dubai 01APR19 – 30APR19 1 of 7 weekly operated by 777-200ER, replacing -300ER
Paris CDG – Minneapolis/St. Paul A340-300 replaced by following aircraft:
30APR19 – 30JUN19 787-9
eff 01JUL19 777-200ER

Paris CDG – Nairobi
eff 31MAR19 Increase from 3 to 5 weekly, 787-9 operating
Paris CDG – Panama City eff 22APR19 787-9 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
Paris CDG – Seattle
eff 31MAR19 A330-200 continues operating, replacing 777-200ER in S18. Re-configured A330-200 operates from 23APR19