United S19 International changes as of 08FEB19

United Airlines in recent schedule update filed additional changes to its planned international operation for Northern summer season, effective 31MAR19 – 26OCT19. Selected changes appeared during the weekend of 08FEB19’s schedule update.

Chicago O’Hare – Paris CDG eff 29APR19 777-200ER replaces 767-300ER (The 777 will continue operating for the month of July 2019, previously scheduled as 767)
Houston – Sydney eff 30MAR19 Reduce from 7 to 4 weekly for Northern summer season, 787-9 operating
Los Angeles – Sydney eff 30MAR19 Reduce from 7 to 3 weekly for Northern summer season, 787-9 operating
Newark – Amsterdam 767-400ER operates entire summer season, instead of previously planned 31MAR19 – 03SEP19
Newark – Berlin Tegel 767-300ER operates entire summer season, replacing previously filed -400ER
Newark – Lisbon Revised operational aircraft changes, replacing 757/767-300ER mix:
30MAR19 – 28APR19 767-300ER
29APR19 – 25OCT19 767-400ER (767-400ER begins from 29APR19, instead of from 22MAY19)

Newark – Manchester Revised operational aircraft changes. 757 replaced by following:
30MAR19 – 28APR19 767-400ER (Previous plan: 763)
29APR19 – 21MAY19 767-300ER (Previous plan: 757)
22MAY19 – 25OCT18 767-400ER

Newark – Rome Revised operational aircraft
30MAR19 – 21MAY19 767-400ER (no changes)
22MAY19 – 04OCT19 777-200ER (777 previously scheduled until 03SEP19)
05OCT19 – 25OCT19 767-300ER (replacing previously filed 767-400ER/777-200ER)

Newark – Zurich 767-400ER operates entire summer season. 767-300ER previously scheduled from 04SEP19
San Francisco – Osaka Kansai Planned 787-9 service extended to October 2019
15APR19 – 03SEP19 787-9 replaces -8, 1 daily (no changes)
04SEP19 – 24OCT19 5 of 7 weekly operated by 787-9, replacing -8 (787-9 previously scheduled until 03SEP19)

Washington Dulles – Amsterdam eff 30APR19 767-400ER replaces -300ER (Previous plan: 767-400ER operates 22MAY19 – 03SEP19)
Washington Dulles – Barcelona 04SEP19 – 04OCT19 767-300ER replaces -400ER
Washington Dulles – Rome Revised operational aircraft, 767-300ER replaced by following:
30MAR19 – 21MAY19 767-400ER
22MAY19 – 04OCT19 777-200ER (Previous plan: 777-200ER until 03SEP19)
05OCT19 – 25OCT19 Previously planned 767-400ER moved back to -300ER

Previously reported changes:
Chicago O’Hare – Brussels 04SEP19 – 25OCT19 777-200ER continues operating 1 daily, replacing 767-300ER during this period
Denver – Frankfurt
eff 02MAY19 Service resumption since summer 2001, 787-8 operates 1 daily, subject to Government Approval
Guam – Tokyo Narita eff 01AUG19 2 of 3 daily operated by 777-200, replacing 737-800
Houston – London Heathrow eff 30MAR19 UA005/004 787-9 replaces 777-200ER
Newark – Barcelona eff 29APR19 787-10 replaces 777-200, 1 daily
Newark – Brussels eff 22MAY19 787-10 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
Newark – Dublin eff 22MAY19 787-10 replaces 777-200, 1 daily
Newark – Frankfurt eff 30MAR19 787-10 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
Newark – Hong Kong
eff 30MAR19 777-300ER replaces -200ER, 1 daily
Newark – Madrid 767-400ER operates from 30MAR19 to 21MAY19 (Previous plan: 767-300ER from 30MAR19 to 28APR19)
Newark – Naples
eff 22MAY19 1 daily 767-300ER, new route
Newark – Paris CDG eff 29APR19 UA057/056 787-10 replaces 767-400ER, 1 daily
Newark – Prague
eff 06JUN19 1 daily 767-300ER, new route
Newark – Tel Aviv
eff 30MAR19 UA084/085 787-10 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily
San Francisco – Amsterdam eff 30MAR19 1 daily 787-9, new route
San Francisco – Auckland eff 01APR19 Service converts to year-round from Northern winter season, 3 weekly 3-class 777-200ER
San Francisco – Munich eff 30MAR19 787-9 operates 1 daily for entire summer season, instead of 777-200ER/787-8/-9 mix
San Francisco – Papeete eff 31MAR19 Subject to Government Approval, service extends to year-round, 3 weekly 787-8
San Francisco – Seoul Incheon eff 01APR19 Increase from 7 to 11 weekly, additional service operated by 777-200ER
San Francisco – Tel Aviv eff 30MAR19 777-300ER operates 1 daily, instead of from 29APR19
San Francisco – Tokyo Haneda eff 30MAR19 787-9 continues to operate 1 daily, replacing 777-200ER
Washington Dulles – Madrid 01JUL19 – 03SEP19 767-300ER replaces 757-200
Washington Dulles – Tel Aviv eff 22MAY19 3 weekly 3-class 777-200ER, new route
Washington Dulles – Zurich 767-400ER replaces 787-8 during following period: 30MAR19 – 21MAY19, 04SEP19 – 25OCT19