Lufthansa files Frankfurt – Graz / Salzburg schedules in W19

Lufthansa last week filed preliminary schedule for Frankfurt – Graz and Frankfurt – Salzburg service, as it assumes Austrian Airlines-operating service. Reservation for flights operated by Lufthansa is expected to open by Wednesday (23OCT19).

Frankfurt – Graz eff 05JAN20 4 daily A319/320, CRJ900/Embraer E190
LH1260 FRA0810 – 0925GRZ EQV x7
LH1262 FRA1220 – 1335GRZ EQV D
LH1264 FRA1650 – 1805GRZ EQV x6
LH1264 FRA1700 – 1815GRZ EQV 6
LH1266 FRA2130 – 2245GRZ EQV 23
LH1266 FRA2140 – 2255GRZ EQV x236

LH1267 GRZ0600 – 0725FRA EQV 146
LH1267 GRZ0605 – 0730FRA EQV x146
LH1261 GRZ1000 – 1125FRA EQV x7
LH1263 GRZ1415 – 1535FRA EQV D
LH1265 GRZ1910 – 2030FRA EQV x56
LH1265 GRZ1920 – 2040FRA EQV 5

Frankfurt – Salzburg eff 01DEC19 4 daily A319/320
LH1102 FRA0900 – 1100SZG EQV D
LH1104 FRA1240 – 1340SZG EQV D
LH1106 FRA1640 – 1740SZG EQV D
LH1108 FRA2055 – 2155SZG EQV D

LH1109 SZG0705 – 0815FRA EQV D
LH1103 SZG1040 – 1150FRA EQV D
LH1105 SZG1420 – 1525FRA EQV D
LH1107 SZG1905 – 2010FRA EQV x6
LH1107 SZG1910 – 2015FRA EQV 6