United expands Newark – Washington Reagan service from late-March 2020

United Airlines during the weekend of 18JAN20’s schedule update filed service expansion for Newark – Washington Reagan route, as the airline introduces hourly shuttle service (certain exceptions apply) from 29MAR20. The Star Alliance carrier will increase service from 8 to 13 daily (weekdays, weekends vary), while most flights operated by GoJet CRJ550 aircraft.

Following schedule is effective for the week of 11MAY20:
UA4468 EWR0600 – 0723DCA CR5 x67
UA4531 EWR0700 – 0825DCA CR5 x67
UA3554 EWR0800 – 0925DCA E7W D
UA4612 EWR0900 – 1030DCA CR5 x6
UA4617 EWR1100 – 1215DCA CR5 x6
UA4556 EWR1200 – 1315DCA CR5 D
UA4436 EWR1300 – 1415DCA CR5 x6
UA4557 EWR1400 – 1521DCA CR5 D
UA4518 EWR1500 – 1621DCA CR5 x6
UA3498 EWR1600 – 1724DCA E7W D
UA4558 EWR1700 – 1825DCA CR5 D
UA4560 EWR1800 – 1925DCA CR5 D
UA4561 EWR2000 – 2125DCA CR5 D

UA3443 DCA0600 – 0721EWR E7W x67
UA3443 DCA0600 – 0718EWR E7W 6
UA4574 DCA0700 – 0820EWR CR5 x7
UA3443 DCA0755 – 0915EWR E7W 7
UA4526 DCA0800 – 0920EWR CR5 x67
UA4514 DCA0900 – 1021EWR CR5 D
UA4585 DCA1000 – 1121EWR CR5 x6
UA4589 DCA1100 – 1221EWR CR5 x6
UA3507 DCA1200 – 1324EWR E7W D
UA4593 DCA1300 – 1420EWR CR5 x6
UA4516 DCA1400 – 1520EWR CR5 D
UA4596 DCA1500 – 1621EWR CR5 x6
UA4546 DCA1600 – 1739EWR CR5 D
UA4597 DCA1700 – 1839EWR CR5 x6
UA4549 DCA1900 – 2026EWR CR5 D

Separately, the airline from 29MAR20 is discontinue Cleveland – Washington Reagan (4 daily) and Cleveland – New York LaGuardia (5 daily) route.