Vueling July - Oct 2020 new routes update as of 03UL20

Vueling in recent weeks filed additional changes to its planned new routes for summer 2020 season. As of 03JUL20, latest adjustment to its planned new routes include the following.

Alicante – Lanzarote eff 01AUG20 1 weekly A320
Ibiza – Granada eff 03JUL20 2 weekly A320 (3 weekly from 02AUG20 until 28SEP20)
Ibiza – Santiago de Compostela eff 03JUL20 2 weekly A320 until 28SEP20
Ibiza – Zaragoza eff 04JUL20 2 weekly A320 until 26SEP20
London Gatwick – Paris Orly 07JUL20 – 31JUL20 3 weekly A320
London Gatwick – Valencia eff 01OCT20 6 weekly A320 until 24OCT20
Mahon – Granada eff 06JUL20 2 weekly A319/320 until 28SEP20
Mahon – Santiago de Compostela eff 05JUL20 2 weekly A319/320 until 27SEP20
Mahon – Valencia eff 06JUL20 3 weekly A319/320 until 28SEP20
Seville – Marrakech eff 03AUG20 2 weekly A320
Seville – Paris Orly eff 08JUL20 2-3 weekly A320 until 31JUL20
Tenerife North – Dakar eff 03SEP20 2 weekly A320 (Reservation not available. This route was originally scheduled from March)
Tenerife North – Porto eff 01AUG20 2 weekly A320