airBaltic S21 Riga network changes as of 08JUL20

airBaltic on Wednesday (08JUL20) released initial summer 2021 operation from Riga, as the airline plans to resume 10 routes. Separately, previously planned new/resumed routes during summer 2020 season will be launched during summer 2021 season.

Selected service will see capacity boost as all service is now scheduled with Airbus A220 aircraft, instead of Airbus A220/Boeing 737 and Dash 8-Q400.

Following routes now scheduled to commence in S21, instead of S20:
Riga – Bergen eff 30MAR21 2 weekly (Previous plan: 3 weekly from 31MAR20; Service resumption since October 2014)
Riga – Ekaterinburg eff 31MAR21 2 weekly (Previous plan: eff 01APR20)
Riga – Manchester eff 02JUN21 4 weekly (Previous plan: eff 29MAR20; Service resumption since April 2010)
Riga – Trondheim eff 01JUN21 2 weekly (Previous plan: eff 01APR20)
Riga – Yerevan eff 02MAY21 2 weekly (Previous plan: eff 03MAY20; Service resumption since September 2011)

Following routes cancelled for the remainder of S20 will be resumed in S21:
Riga – Aberdeen eff 30MAR21 2 weekly
Riga – Almaty
eff 28MAR21 3 weekly
Riga – Baku eff 28APR21 2 weekly
Riga – Kazan eff 03MAY21 2 weekly
Riga – Olbia eff 22MAY21 1 weekly
Riga – Palma Mallorca eff 02MAY21 1 weekly
Riga – Rhodes eff 24APR21 1 weekly
Riga – Stavanger eff 27APR21 2 weekly
Riga – Thessaloniki eff 11MAY21 2 weekly
Riga – Venice eff 01MAY21 2 weekly