EVA Air S10 Latest Operational Changes

As per 14JUN10 GDS timetable display, latest changes to EVA Air’s Summer 2010 operation as follows:

Taipei – Bangkok – London Heathrow service from Daily to 5 weekly. Day 24 from TPE is canceled.
-15JUL10 Day x24
16JUL10 – 28JUL10 Day x2
29JUL10 – Daily

BKK to TPE sector operates following day

Taipei – Bangkok – Amsterdam Frequency reduction extends into July 2010
26JUN10 – 06JUL10 Day 26
08JUL10 – 17JUL10 Day x357 (extra flights)
19JUL10 – 25JUL10 Day 26
29JUL10 – 31JUL10 Day 46
03AUG10 – Day 246

BKK to TPE sector operates following day

Taipei – Bangkok – Vienna Day of departure changes
-01AUG10 Day 357
03AUG10- Day 246

Days of departure above is from TPE. BKK/VIE departs following day

Taipei – Brisbane Frequency Reduction from 3 to 2 weekly extended for entire Northern Summer season
-25JUN10 Day 35
27JUN10 – 16JUL10 Day 357
21JUL10- Day 35

Taipei – Fukuoka Reduce from Daily to 4 weekly (Day x145) from 28AUG10
Taipei – Hanoi Service reduce from 5 to 3 weekly (Day 256) till 03AUG10
Taipei – Jakarta Daily 747-400COMBI service from 07AUG10, currently operating 5-6 weekly along with A330-200
Taipei – Kuala Lumpur Frequency reductions from 6 to 3 by August 2010
-19JUN10 Day x4
20JUN10 – 07JUL10 Day x47
08JUL10 – 19JUL10 Day x247
20JUL10 – 02AUG10 Day x47
03AUG10 – Day 236

Taipei – Manila Daily A330-200 operation from 05JUL10 (Currently 747-400COMBI/A330-200 mix)
Taipei – Sendai Increase from 2 to 4 weekly (Day x147) from 15SEP10
Taipei – Singapore Daily service. Increase from planned 5 weekly. All 777-300ER operation from 05JUL10