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  • PAX: 24,135,736

July 2019...ablaze with Records !

July 2019...ablaze with Records !

PAX up by +4.5% vs. Jul18


During July 2019 , the airport’s passenger traffic recorded a robust increase of 4.5% and reached 2.98 million , benefiting from the continuous growth  of International air travelers who demonstrated a strong increase at the level of 6.9%. 

Overall, from January to July, the airport’s passenger traffic reached 14,24 million, nearly +1mio additional passengers versus same period last year, an increase of +7.0% International traffic + 9.0% and Domestic traffic + 3.0%

 … and TWO RECORDS! 

  - The best July ever in the history of our airport with almost 3 million passengers! 

 -  For the first time in ATH’s life, daily passenger traffic exceeded 100,000  for 2 days in a row (both July 27th and July 28th pax daily traffic above 100k level)

Number of flights during the first seven months of the year, amounted to 127,668 demonstrating a considerable rise of 5.9% Domestic flights achieved a rise of 8.9% , while International services increase by 3.8%