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  • PAX: 25,574,030

Volotea: 1 million passengers in Athens!

Currently, 14 destinations out of its Athens airport base:)

With its Athens base having barely completed two years of very successful operations, we celebrated on Nov 28th, together with Volotea, one more fantastic milestone, its first million passengers in Athens!

We would like to wish to our excellent airline partner every success and even more million passengers, as Volotea keeps developing in our market, continuing its contribution to the enhancement of passengers’ travelling options, in both the domestic and international sectors


  • In 2020 Volotea will offer 580,000 seats increasing its capacity by 11% and will serve from Athens a line-up of fourteen destinations: four domestic routes (Santorini, Mykonos, Heraklion and Rhodes), five destinations in Italy (Venice, Bari, Genoa, Verona and Cagliari), two city pairs to Croatia (Dubrovnik and Split) and three to France (Strasbourg, Lyon and Marseille).
  • Lucky Passenger No 1 million was awarded with on year full of Volotea flights out of Athens