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  • PAX: 25,574,030

Athens - All domestic destinations without restrictions as of today!

Staring at normalcy again:)

Dear friends,


After a very difficult period, as the global pandemic hit violently our industry, a glimpse of normalcy returned in Athens and our airport today: following a lengthy process, having adhered to the Authorities' well designed instructions and guidelines, as of today, all domestic destinations are restrictions-free for our passengers, with more services offered! It is a very important step for us and the country, looking forward to gradually reaching normalcy again, if all things go according to plan:)


Here's a quick update on our domestic status, today Vs a couple of weeks ago:


  • Week Commencing 11/5 all Greek domestic airports with Travel Restrictions

Athens connected to 32 airports

183 weekly Departures

7,464 round-trip PAX


  • Week Commencing 25/5 , travel to all 32 Domestic airports with NO restrictions

Athens connected to 32 airports

248 Scheduled weekly Departures -> +65 vs. 11May (TOP additions to CHQ, HER, SKG, JMK, JTR, RHO & SMI)


Musical Event:

  -> As a symbolic gesture, today we held a special musical event at the airport's terminal (in front of our Museum) with a performance by 5 musicians of  the Greek Youth symphony Orchestra! It was a "musical welcome", and it was very much appreciated by passengers and the airport family:)


A taste of our event here:



Looking forward to many more travels and flights, we wish all the best to you!