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Boston – Athens upgraded to a record ! daily for Summer 2024

Boston upgrade follows a very strong extended Summer season for Athens in the US market

Delta Airlines recently announced the increase in weekly frequencies for next Summer to daily, for the very successful Boston - Athens route.
Following months of negotiations and in close cooperation with Boston local authorities, Delta Airlines on the 27th of May 2022, inaugurated a non-stop service from Boston to Athens.
The slogan used at the inauguration event, hosted by Athens International Airport at the time was, “Athens to Boston, much more than A to B”… and it seems that  we…predicted the future!!  😊

In Summer of 2022, Delta operated 3 weekly frequencies between BOS and ATH, as this service was in conjunction with Delta service to JFK, operating the remaining 4 weekly frequencies.
In S’22 Delta served JFK with a daily service, + the remaining 4 weekly frequencies from BOS.
Then, in 2023, as the attractiveness and demand for Athens in the US market increased, Delta operated 4 weekly services to BOS (from 3) and returned to JFK with a double daily service.

Now and as announced by Delta airlines, they experience tremendous strength from the United States this summer (2023) and they are looking to build upon that momentum next year (2024).
As such, Delta will further increase weekly frequencies by 3, making BOS-ATH a daily service. Operating Period: 09 May 2024 – 26 October 2024

The BOS-ATH nonstop service, recorded in Summer 2022 33.9k PAX. In Summer 2023 so far (May to Aug), traffic on the route increased by +64%, resulting in 34.5k PAX, already. Weekly frequencies increased from 3 in S’22 to 4 in S’23.
With the latest announcement, Delta Airlines will increase weekly capacity by 75%, or from 4 weekly in S’23 to 7 weekly in S’24.
The airline is operating the A330-900 neo equipment on the route, offering 281 one-way seats, (29 Delta One, 20 Premium Select, 56 Comfort+, and 168 Main Cabin).

The US market for Athens is experiencing a very dynamic year, surpassing 660k pax in the period January to August.  Traffic volume in Jan-Aug 2023 is already at +10% to the same period in 2022 (or +58% vs. Jan-Aug 2019).

TIP: The Jan-Aug 2023 US traffic to ATH has already surpassed the  full year 2019 by +14%. In 2022, full year, the US market in direct traffic almost reached 900 thousand pax.

In terms of Tourism (Foreign arrivals – source : Athens International Airport passenger survey) USA is Athens TOP market!!! 

Athens is connected to 7 destinations (airports) in the US with services offered by 4 airlines
In the peak 2023 season, Athens offers 67 weekly departures to the USA

 *   Emirates operates daily to New York (EWR), year-round
 *   Delta Airlines operates twice daily to New York (JFK), daily to Atlanta (ATL) and 4 weekly to Boston (BOS)
 *   United Airlines operates daily to New York (EWR) and daily to Washington (IAD)
 *   American Airlines operates daily to New York (JFK), daily to Philadelphia (PHL) and daily to Chicago (ORD)

Based on the already published information from the airlines, United Airlines will extent flights in 2023 for 1 more month, American Airlines will resume Summer flights, earlier in Summer 2024 an Delta upgrading BOS to daily, from 4/7.

United to New York (EWR), ending 28/11/2023 from 29/10/2022
United to Washington (IAD), ending 27/10/2023 from 30/09/2022

while American Airlines will resume in Summer 2024  seasonal flights to Athens, earlier than Summer 2023.
American to Chicago (ORD), starting 06/05/2024 from 02/06/2023
American to New York (JFK), starting 31/03/2024 from 06/05/2023

Emirates will continue to operate its year-round flight to New York (EWR), while Delta Airlines will continue  its extended Winter program, as in Winter 22/23. Delta is operating flights to New York (JFK) almost year-round now, ie. up to almost mid January 2024 and then commencing again early March.