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It is safe to fly from Norwegian airports this summer

Avinor expects a summer with very few passengers compared to previous years. Those who are still going out and traveling can be absolutely sure that it is safe to travel from Norwegian airports.

- We have not had lower passenger numbers at Norwegian airports since the 1970s. The arrows point slightly upwards, but we expect that the decline in air traffic this summer will still be around minus 70 percent compared to 2019, says Avinor communications manager Gurli Høeg Ulverud.

Many infection prevention measures are in place
Although the number of passengers is less than normal, those who depart and fly can be assured that Avinor provides a good and safe journey through Norway's airports. Avinor follows the advice and guidelines from the health authorities and takes infection control seriously.

- A number of measures have been introduced to ensure that the distance rules can be adhered to and that the passengers themselves can maintain good hand hygiene. Installation of plexiglass, floor stickers, check-in vending machines and chairs are some examples, says Ulverud.

The cleaning is tailored to the current needs, and the focus is great on touch points in the terminal that are frequently used by passengers. Accessibility and placement of hand disinfection is also a priority. More frequent follow-up of toilets, where refills of soap, paper and general cleaning are checked extra.

No requirements for mouthwash at airports
Most airlines now require the use of mouthwash on board aircraft. This does not apply at the airport itself, which is in line with instructions from Norwegian health authorities.

- Be aware of information from your airline regarding the use of mouthwash. Some give out mouthwashes to their passengers, while others require passengers to bring this themselves, says Ulverud.

Most airports in Norway have outlets that sell mouthwashes. Click on avinor.noand choose your local airport to see what offers are available at your airport. You can also pre-order mouthwash in Avinor's online store.

Want to maintain a good service offer
Although some restaurants, kiosks and shops are closed at the airports, it is possible to buy both food and drink in the terminal. All shops and places of service follow the government's advice on cleaning and facilitate good distance.

- We want to maintain a good service offer to the travelers and give them as good a travel experience as possible. The offer may change continuously and will vary from airport to airport, says Ulverud.

In addition to some closed shops and restaurants, service offerings such as nursing rooms, playrooms etc. are closed due to the risk of infection.

- We encourage our travelers to follow signs and other information in the terminal, and please use Avinor's digital platforms to keep you updated. Finally, we would like to remind you that you, as passengers, are the biggest contributor to avoiding the spread of infection, Ulverud concludes.