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Continued high air activity

A total of 4 639 625 passengers travelled to, from, or via Avinor's airports in June 2022, an increase of 11 per cent from May. Simultaneously, Avinor notes that the air traffic service activity is high and that aircraft movements in some places have passed the levels from 2019.

The number of travellers to and from Avinor's airports is up 205 per cent compared to June 2021, when the corresponding figure was 1 521 345. From the same period in 2019, however, there was a decrease of 11 per cent, when there were 5 189 170 passengers.

The increase in passenger traffic continues to be greatest in international traffic. In June 2022, 1 895 047 travelled to and from abroad at Avinor's airports, an increase of 28 per cent from May this year, when the figure was 1 479 126. This is also up 1106 per cent from June 2021, when the number was 157 122. However, the number of passengers was still 18 per cent lower than in June 2019, when 2 300 885 travelled to and from abroad.

The number of commercial aircraft movements is up from 34 585 in June 2021 to 55 800 in June 2022, an increase of 61 per cent. Compared to June 2019, there were 3 per cent fewer aircraft movements, when the number of commercial aircraft movements was 57 823.

High activity in the air traffic service
Despite the flight technician strike, challenges for air traffic in Europe and cancellations as a result of this in June, the overall air activity is high.

"As the figures show, we are close to traffic levels from 2019 for commercial flights, and aircraft movement numbers are high. In some places, we note that there are even more aircraft movements in 2022 than in 2019. This leads to high activity at our airports," says Joachim Westher-Andersen, Head of Communications at Avinor.

Past the pre-pandemic levels
An example of this is Bergen airport, Flesland. In June 2022, there was an increase in aircraft movements of 13 per cent compared to 2019 (8210 in June 2022 compared to 7289 in June 2019) at Bergen airport, Flesland.

"The traffic is doing well at Bergen airport, Flesland, and we have returned to higher numbers faster than we previously thought. We have both many aircraft movements and many passengers travelling through the airport," says Helge Eidsnes, airport director at Bergen Airport, Flesland.

This development is also confirmed by air traffic controllers who are conducting the air safety services.

"When it comes to aircraft movements we are close to the situation before the pandemic. At some airports, traffic is also higher than it was before the pandemic, for example for airports in Bergen and Værnes. It is hectic, challenging and positive to work in Avinor Air Navigation Services at the moment," says Robert Gjønnes, Head of the Norwegian Air traffic controllers association (NFF).

According to Airport director Eidsnes the fact that the airline Widerøe decided on Bergen airport, Flesland as their hub has contributed to increased activity.

"The number of domestic travellers is well above the 2019 level. This is important for both the airport and the players here, and after two tough years, we welcome the increase in passengers and activity. Also, as seven out of ten overnight guests have arrived by plane to Bergen this increase is important for tourism in the region," says Eidsnes.

Traffic statistics of Avinor attached.

*Commercial aircraft movements include scheduled, charter and cargo aircraft as well as offshore helicopters.