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ANA Aeroportos de Portugal – Porto Airport

  • PAX: 12,974,242

About The Airport

OPO in 5 unique key features:    

1.    Portugal, the fastest growing market in Europe

With 66.3 M passengers in 2023, the number of passengers in Portugal grew by 12% between 2019 and 2023.
In terms of capacity offered since 2015, Portugal shows the fastest growing trend in Europe, before Greece, Italy, or Spain.

2.    More than 15M passengers in OPO for the first time in 2023

With 29 new routes and 7 new airlines in comparison with the pre-COVID period, OPO airport traffic numbers are already 16% above 2019 levels. 2023 was a record year for the airport with 15.2M passengers. In other words, OPO has recorded growth of 2 million passengers during the COVID period (between 2019 and 2023).

3.    OPO, the gateway to the strongest catchment area in Portugal

Porto´s region (called the North) gathers 28% of the GDP and 35% of the population in Portugal. First industrial region in Portugal where most of the industrial foreign investments in Portugal are made, Porto is the capital city of the economic heart of Portugal.
Despite the weight of the region in Portugal, Porto airport (OPO) only weights 8% of the total direct capacity to non-European destinations. A truly underserved market.

4.    A booming touristic destination

With 3.8M of international tourists in Porto´s regions, 2023 was closed with a new record, 24% above 2019 levels. Among the top 3 touristic markets in Porto, the US shows the more significant upward trends with 442,000 tourists in 2023, almost twice the levels of 2019.
The destination is characterized by both strong growth in European markets (Spain +17% in 2023 vs 2019, France +28%) and international markets (USA, Canada +54%).
Non-European tourists now represent 1.7M guests, compared to just 603,000 in 2019.

5.    OPO, a perfect passenger profile mix

While 20% of the passengers of OPO are travelling in S23 for business reasons, leisure travelers represent 40% of the total market, the same share as the VFR.
On another indicator, 57% of the passengers are travelling inbound to OPO, 39% outbound and 4% are connecting.
Gateway of a strong catchment area as show above, OPO is the most balanced airport in Portugal both in terms of reasons and directions of travel.

OPO: Did you know?

  • 24% of OPO outbound passengers (meaning living in Porto´s catchment area) in S23 are foreigners. With the growth of the foreign communities with higher purchasing power in Porto, the airport and airlines partners are benefiting from an increase in demand. Brazilians represent 10% of the total outbound market of OPO.
  • 1h20 from Porto, Coimbra is Europe's oldest university. Today, it is a major university Center in Portugal, attracting +6,200 foreign students. In total, Porto´s region is home to almost 30,000 foreign students.
  • Less than 2 hours from Porto, Fátima is one of the most important Christian sanctuaries in Europe attracting millions of visitors each year.
  • The cargo traffic is also an important activity for OPO: 39,189 tons were flown in 2023, despite the lack of wide-body capacity.

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