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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport handles 5200 tonnes export and 3324 tonnes import, during the national lockdown

With the recent directive by the Government of India to suspend all commercial passenger flights to curb the spread of the virus, GVK MIAL managing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) continues to relentlessly operate its cargo handling activities to cater to the greater need of mobilizing and supplying essential commodities across India and the world. Since March 23, CSMIA air cargo exported 5200 tonnes of medicines, medical equipment, vaccines, diagnostic reagents, dangerous goods, engineering goods and chemicals while 3324 tonnes of freight including high volumes of commodities such as pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, engineering goods and chemicals, imported.

In this unprecedented time, when the national lockdown has immobilized all industries, CSMIA aggressively functions to connect India with the global supply chain and restock essential medical supplies across the country. On an average, the airport witnesses 8 to 9 cargo flights per day. The export flights majorly operate to countries such as USA, Germany, South Africa, France, United Kingdom. Also, scheduled freighters and ad-hoc cargo charters continue to remain operational. Furthermore, CSMIA air cargo has traded a total of 3788 tonnes of pharma products within India and globally, as CSMIA ranks the No.1 pharma cargo operations in the country.

Recently, CSMIA set a record for the highest number of cargo movements witnessed at the airport during these difficult times of the pandemic and lockdown conditions. The airport handled 707 tonnes exports and import delivery of 286 tonnes approximately; marking the highest number of imports and exports of cargo managed in a day despite limited resources amongst other challenges.

Despite transport constraints and stringent regulations due to COVID-19, the dedicated team at CSMIA has kept the cargo terminal operational round the clock. The cargo operations continue with a skeletal staff working tirelessly to process the EXIM cargo movements. In coordination with the Mumbai Police and BEST, special passes have been issued, and transportation has been arranged for facilitating the staff to commute to the airport safely. At the same time, CSMIA is undertaking precautionary measures of providing masks and utility hands. Regular sanitization and disinfecting the cargo facility, daily briefing to the staff on social distancing and necessary safety precautions along with addressing medical emergencies are some of the initiatives implemented.