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Aviation reports and resources to help you to understand your markets, engage with your key business partners and create new routes.

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Spotlight on Ecuador's aviation market

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How returning confidence and investment have primed Ecuador's aviation market for growth.

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Spotlight on the Spanish aviation market

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The data which outlines the key drivers behind the fast-growing Spanish aviation market.

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The Power of Route Forecasting

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This white paper examines how forecasting works and why it’s important to both airports and airlines.

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Spotlight on Northern Ireland

Spotlight on Northern Ireland download

Our white paper, examines the figures underpinning the resurgent Northern Irish aviation market.

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Spotlight on the Japanese aviation market

In this white paper, we delve into the key statistics which shed light on how the market is developing.

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Indirect Traffic: The Key to New Routes?

Indirect routes are often regarded as a pathway to successful new routes - but what are the facts behind the theory?

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The Fundamentals of Route Development

This guide explains the rules of route development and presentation advice when pitching to potential partners.

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