World Routes 2018

The 24th World Route Development Forum

Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
15 – 18 September 2018

Shopping in Guangzhou

With its large markets, luxury malls and retail districts, Guangzhou offers visitors both global products and more unique items specific to the region such as Chinese Tea and Cantonese Embroidery.

Notable shopping locations in Guangzhou include:

Nanfang Tea Market

nanfang tea new

Discover almost every type of tea in China in this 'city of tea' located in Guangzhou's Fang Cun district.

Jade Market

jade market new

Situated along the Xia-jiu road, this 10,000 square metre market hosts many stalls selling jewellery, ornaments and sculptures made of jade and pearl.

Tianhe District

tianhe district new

The Tianhe District offers mid-range to high-end products and is home to ginormous malls such as the Tianhe Teemall.

Beijing Road

beijing road new

A popular hit amongst tourists, this street offers a range of international brands and can be found in the Yuexiu District.


shang road

A prime location for an evening shopper, this street stays open until around 11:30pm.