World Routes 2019

The 25th World Route Development Forum

Adelaide, Australia
21 – 24 September 2019

Explore the City

Discover the monuments and buildings which reflect Adelaide's presence as a cosmopolitan capital and commercial centre:

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval new

Adelaide Oval is a world-famous sporting arena and a location which has seen some of history’s greatest matches and sports people.    

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Beehive Corner Building

Beehive Building new

One of the most well-known buildings in Adelaide. Heavily detailed, the Beehive Corner Building boasts a corner turret in the shape of a beehive with a single gold bee perching on top.

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Montefiore Hill

Montfiore hil new

Take in Adelaide’s breathtaking views with a visit to Montefiore Hill which offers the most spectacular vista of the city and its backdrop of rolling hills.

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Rundle Street

Rundle mall new

After having explored Rundle Street’s renowned shopping Mall, why not discover the extensive variety of cafes, restaurants and wine bars the street has to offer.

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Victoria Square

Victoria Square

At the heart of Adelaide city centre, the eponymous Victoria Square is a must-see attraction for the city, complete with monument of British monarch Queen Victoria and the famous Three Rivers Fountain.

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