World Routes 2019

The 25th World Route Development Forum

Adelaide, Australia
21 – 24 September 2019

Preparing for Meetings

Mike St Laurent of ASM, gives his top tips for delegates preparing for their airline meetings.

Holding senior roles in network planning, strategy, fleet planning, scheduling and revenue management at Air Canada for more than 30 years, Mike St Laurent was responsible for the planning and launch of many successful new routes. Now the Vice President Consulting for ASM, here are his top tips for airline meetings:

Meeting prep - concise

Be Concise

Keep presentations short and to the point… less is more!

Meeting prep - relationships

Be Engaging

Meetings are more than presenting information, they are about building relationships.

Meeting prep - success

Be Invested

Illustrate how your organisation will contribute to a route’s success.

Meeting prep - team

Be Collaborative

Engage with other destination stakeholders to make presentations more credible.

Meeting prep - research

Be Prepared

Understand an airline's network, fleet, business model, alliance relationships and strategy.

Meeting prep - chart

Be Clear

Present content that is visually appealing and easy to digest.

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