World Routes 2019

The 25th World Route Development Forum

Adelaide, Australia
21 – 24 September 2019

Wildlife and Nature

Discover wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos, possums and echidnas at Adelaide Zoo or one of the region's wildlife parks:

Belair National Park

Belair National Park

Located just 25 minutes from Adelaide city centre, Belair National Park is South Australia’s oldest national park. There is an abundance of activities to do here, including walks and cycling trails, as well as expansive woodlands and lakes to explore which provide the perfect opportunity to get close glimpses of some of Australia’s best native wildlife.

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Cleland Wildlife Park


Established in 1967, Cleland Wildlife Park has a mission to create an authentic experience for people to connect with animals in their natural habitat. This park is home to Australia’s most iconic animals, as well as Waterfall Gully, the largest of many waterfalls in the park.

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Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo new

‘Home of the Australian Panda’, Adelaide Zoo houses over 3,000 animals and 250 different species. Visitors can discover animals from Australia and beyond, including Capybaras, Wombats, Australian Sea Lions, American Alligators, Australian Pelicans, Brazilian Tapirs, Emperor Tamarin Monkeys and many more.   

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