Routes Europe 2016

The route development forum for Europe

Kraków, Poland
23 – 26 April 2016

Routes Talks

Taking place on Monday 25 April, Routes Talks are a series of 20 minute presentations providing interesting and engaging content for the Routes Europe audience. 

A Q&A session will folow each presentation. 

Monday, 25 April 2016

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    Route Case Study

    bmi regional, Southampton - Munich

    Aidan Mooney, Vice President Consulting, ASM

    Aidan Mooney, Vice President Consulting, ASM, will present a route case study detailing bmi regional's new route from Southampton to Munich. 

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    Data – Is it all science fiction or really valuable stuff?

    John Grant, Industry Advisor, OAG

    We are increasingly surrounded by data from all types of sources and channels. It’s impossible for us to manage all that data, so how do we pick the right data to look at, how do we interpret that data and how much of that data is fact, fiction or intuition?

    In a 20 minute session OAG’s Industry Advisor John Grant will discuss some of the issues and dilemmas we face each day in handling that data.

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    Route Development in 2030: How regulation will affect your deals

    Jeremy Robinson, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams LLP

    Route Development today takes place in a complex competitive, commercial, economic, political and regulatory environment. How will these change in years to come? Jeremy Robinson will cast a wide net over the aviation industry to deduce some lessons for route developers in the next decade.

* Please note like all events, the programme is subject to change.