Condor Outlines Planned A321 Sharklet Operations from July 2014

Condor in Summer 2014 season is gradually introducing Airbus A321 Sharklet (32B) operations, which seats 215. Planned A321 Sharklets Operation in 2014 and 2015 as follow.

Following Berlin service operates one-time only for the first week of 01JUL14:
01JUL14 Berlin Schoenefeld – Fuerteventura
02JUL14 Berlin Schoenefeld – Las Palmas
03JUL14 Berlin Schoenefeld – Palma Mallorca

Regular Airbus A321 Sharklet Scheduled operation effective dates starting July 2014 as follow. Planned effective dates are subject to change, and the A321 Sharklet may only operate on certain flights:
eff 01JUL14 Hanover – Antalya
eff 01JUL14 Leipzig – Fuerteventura
eff 01JUL14 Leipzig – Palma Mallorca (Except 24OCT14 – 28MAR15)
eff 01JUL14 Paderborn – Antalya (Except 30OCT14 – 31MAR15)
eff 02JUL14 Leipzig – Las Palmas
eff 02JUL14 Leipzig – Palma Mallorca
eff 03JUL14 Hanover – Hurghada
eff 03JUL14 Hanover – Palma Mallorca (Except 28OCT14 – 25MAR15)
eff 03JUL14 Leipzig – Hurghada
eff 04JUL14 Leipzig – Tenerife South
eff 05JUL14 Hanover – Dalaman (Except 26OCT14 – 08MAY14)
eff 26OCT14 Hanover – Las Palmas
eff 29OCT14 Leipzig – Antalya
eff 01NOV14 Hanover – Fuerteventura
eff 07NOV14 Stuttgart – Antalya (until 27MAR15)
eff 16JAN15 Hanover – Lanzarote
eff 17JAN15 Hanover – Tenerife South
eff 29MAR15 Berlin Schoenefeld – Antalya
eff 02APR15 Dusseldorf – Palma Mallorca
eff 03APR15 Dusseldorf – Djerba
eff 30APR15 Berlin Schoenefeld – Palma Mallorca
eff 01MAY15 Berlin Schoenefeld – Tenerife South
eff 02MAY15 Berlin Schoenefeld – Fuerteventura
eff 03MAY15 Berlin Schoenefeld – Las Palmas
eff 03MAY15 Dusseldorf – Kos
eff 03MAY15 Dusseldorf – Rhodes
eff 04MAY15 Berlin Schoenefeld – Hurghada
eff 05MAY15 Dusseldorf – Lanzarote
eff 07MAY15 Dusseldorf – Fuerteventura
eff 09MAY15 Dusseldorf – Chania
eff 09MAY15 Dusseldorf – Corfu
eff 09MAY15 Hanover – Kos

A321 Sharklet to operate following routes on one-time basis, note these operational dates remain subject to change:
31OCT14 Hanover – Irakleion