SAS outlines Irish unit operation from Dec 2017

SAS since October 2017 filed planned operation, provided by its new Irish unit “Scandinavian Airlines Ireland”. Using a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft, the Irish unit is expected to enter operation in December 2017. The following is a list of routes to be served by the Irish unit (or a mix of SAS and SAS Ireland).

Winter schedule:
eff 03DEC17 Copenhagen – London Heathrow
eff 31DEC17 Stockholm Arlanda – London Heathrow
20JAN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Milan Linate (Also on 03MAR18)
eff 27JAN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Frankfurt (Except 11FEB18 – 06MAR18)
eff 13FEB18 Stockholm Arlanda – Manchester
eff 17FEB18 Copenhagen – Frankfurt  (Except 24FEB18)
eff 17FEB18 Stockholm Arlanda – Alicante (until 03MAR18)
eff 18FEB18 Copenhagen – Munich (until 25FEB18)
eff 20FEB18 Stockholm Arlanda – Malaga
eff 24FEB18 Stockholm Arlanda – Barcelona
eff 02MAR18 Stockholm Arlanda – Copenhagen
eff 05MAR18 Stockholm Arlanda – Oslo
eff 09MAR18 Stockholm Arlanda – Edinburgh

Summer schedule from 25MAR18:
Copenhagen – London Heathrow
Oslo – London Heathrow

Stockholm Arlanda – London Heathrow
eff 25MAR18 Copenhagen – Amsterdam (until 17JUN18)
eff 25MAR18 Copenhagen – Dublin (until 12AUG18)
eff 25MAR18 Copenhagen – Manchester (until 17JUN18)
eff 26MAR18 Oslo – Amsterdam (until 08AUG18)
eff 26MAR18 Oslo – Manchester (until 28JUN18)
eff 29MAR18 Stockholm Arlanda – Copenhagen (until 29JUN18)
eff 30MAR18 Oslo – Dublin (until 22JUN18)
eff 31MAR18 Copenhagen – Rome (until 11AUG18)
31MAR18 Stockholm Arlanda – Alicante
eff 31MAR18 Stockholm Arlanda – Paris CDG (except 21APR18 – 05MAY18; until 16JUN18)
02APR18 Copenhagen – Palma Mallorca
10MAY18 Copenhagen – Frankfurt
17MAY18 Oslo – Nice
16JUN18 Helsinki – Malaga
23JUN18 Copenhagen – Chania  
eff 23JUN18 Copenhagen – Nice (until 11AUG18)
eff 23JUN18 Oslo – Rome (until 11AUG18)
eff 23JUN18 Oslo – Split (until 11AUG18)
23JUN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Nice
eff 23JUN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Dublin (until 11AUG18)
eff 24JUN18 Copenhagen – Geneva (until 12AUG18)
eff 24JUN18 Copenhagen – Pula (until 12AUG18)
eff 24JUN18 Copenhagen – Venice (until 12AUG18)
eff 24JUN18 Oslo – Alicante (until 12AUG18)
eff 24JUN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Hamburg (until 12AUG18)
25JUN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Manchester (until 26JUN18)
25JUN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Palma Mallorca (until 26JUN18)
27JUN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Lisbon
eff 29JUN18 Copenhagen – Athens (until 10AUG18)
eff 29JUN18 Copenhagen – Bergen (until 10AUG18)
eff 29JUN18 Oslo – Barcelona (until 10AUG18)
29JUN18 Stockholm Arlanda – Oslo
eff 02JUL18 Stockholm Arlanda – Helsinki (until 09AUG18)
eff 04JUL18 Oslo – Frankfurt (until 08AUG18)
eff 06JUL18 Stockholm Arlanda – Prague (until 10AUG18)

Planned operation remains subject to change.

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